New Bike

Seattle + Bikes Our family has made Seattle our home for the past few years. One thing that’s nice about Seattle is that the weather is always terrible actually pretty moderate. Fun Story: when we moved up here from Memphis, TN, we didn’t change USDA Plant Hardiness Zones. Seattle’s got some 🚲/👟 trails by which you can ️🚲️ throughout the city. This is very nice when the weather’s good. We have access to almost all parts of town that we care to visit, including a “beach”, from our home without having to ride too much on city streets. [Read More]

My Kid Wrote a Book

Have a kid, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. I really really love being a familyman, and practicing the #dadops. I may one day give you the rundown on what being a Dad means to me, and the positive changes that process has brought ( or sometimes shoved ) into my life, but today is not that day. Today, I’m gonna celebrate a creation of my 6 and a half-ish old daughter. [Read More]